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Vampire Release, Los Angeles, CA 90025

We are located on the west side of Los Angeles, in Westwood,
close to Santa Monica, UCLA, Century City and Beverly Hills.

Vampire Release is a part of Inner Cosmos.
Inner Cosmos founded in Mumbai, India in 1991
currently offers energy healing classes and private sessions
in Los Angeles, California.
Group classes are offered internationally upon request.

Contact Vampire Release @ Chakra Magic

Satish Dholakia
Phone : 310-470-8150
I want to be
a Messenger of Light.
Come for a session.
Remember to breathe.
Share Self Care
Blessed BE

“Imagine 10,000 seeds hidden in a box in your closet.
If these seeds had voice and life, what would they say?
"Give me the soil, Allow the sun...let me flower...."
Similarly, you have so much potential that is unexplored yet.
Chakra Healing is a path to get in touch
with your true potential”
Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish

Darkness in the Soul disappears as the Healing Light appears

Life is full of choices - Choose Healing - Choose Vampire Release