Vampire Release Disclaimer and Policy

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Chakra Energy Healing is not a substitute for medical care.
The information on this web site is for general and educational purposes only.
This information is not intended as medical advice and
should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.
Information on this web site is not intended to create any physician-patient relationship,
nor should it be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional.
If you have questions or concerns about your health,
please contact your healthcare provider.
Energy Healing promotes harmony and balance within,
relieving stress and supporting the body's natural ability to heal.
Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and
effective complement to conventional medical care.

1. Our sessions are strictly confidential.

2. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone.

3. If unable to keep your appointment, kindly give 24 hours notice.

4. Vampire Release guarantees your satisfaction
    After completing your first session if you believe that you have not benefited or
    not received any value whatsoever, your fee will be promptly refunded.

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